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Thomas Truax (pronounced troo-aks) is an American singer/musician, inventor and multi-media artist.

One of the most imaginative characters on the pop music fringe, since the year 2000 Thomas has been traveling the world performing with his evolving “band” of bizarre self-made Harry Partch-esque instruments including a motorized drum machine made of bike wheels called ‘Mother Superior’ and a pimped-up Dr. Seuss-ian Gramophone called ‘The Hornicator’, as well as his venerable resonator guitar ‘Hank’. Time Out magazine has dubbed him “The king of home-made instruments” while Splendid magazine called him “one of the five or ten best singer/songwriters in the world that you’ve never heard of…an exceptional talent, unique and resistant to comparison, yet fairly accessible even to casual listeners.”

Truax crafts rich, poetically evocative songs about insects, trees, technology, and a lifelong obsession with things lunar, including various reasons ‘Why Dogs Howl at The Moon’. Notable supporters and collaborators include Jarvis CockerDuke Special, Richard Hawley, Amanda Palmer, and the late author Terry PratchettBrian Viglione (of the Dresden Dolls/Violent Femmes) 

Born of the NYC anti-folk scene from way back when, Thomas Truax has been cutting his own peculiar furrow for some time now. What sets Truax apart from his peers is the unique instrumentation he builds and uses from his recordings and live shows. As anyone who’s seen him over the years will attest, Truax live is a rather unforgettable experience. His bike wheel drum machine (named Mother Superior) and the strung gramophone horn (or Hornicator, if you prefer) are eye catching and fascinating props that add to Truax’s performance." Music OMH

"His gigs are extraordinary" -Q 

 “If you leave a Truax show without smiling somewhere in your body, you’re fucked" -
Richard Hawley

"One of rock's great eccentrics. Endlessly inventive and creative." -Oxford Times


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